Treatments in the comfort of your own home


Ann Barker-Murasik is an experienced bodyworker offering a collection of advanced techniques to clients in their own homes. These therapies can be standalone or combined to provide a truly bespoke treatment designed around the needs and circumstances of each individual client.

The approaches range from the subtle to the dynamic, but all work to affect the body’s vital organ of form: the fascial system. None of the following techniques uses any oils or lotions. There is no sliding over the skin, but a practised engagement with the layers of tissue. This “listening touch” encourages tissue change without force.



“I had a longstanding and disabling injury to my neck and shoulder. After only two treatments, the pain lessened significantly and movement became easier and better coordinated. I was unfamiliar with this gentle and painstaking approach to locating and releasing “stuck” tissues, but my experience was very positive. Ann is very knowledgeable and caring and “listens” to her clients’ words and the history revealed beneath her touch.” (D.Athol)

“Putting my trust in Ann has been rewarded ten-fold. She has been creative in devising a plan to suit my particular needs, having listened with care on each occasion we meet.” (K. Yorke)

“From not being able to lift and pour a kettle to exercising with resistance in just five sessions of remedial bodywork on my shoulder with Ann. Naturally I am thrilled with the treatment and am happy to recommend Ann to friends.” (S. Southwell)