Myofascial Release (MFR)



Myofascial Release was developed by American Physical Therapist, John F. Barnes. Fascia is made up of elastin, collagen and a viscous ground substance. Its role is to strengthen, support and protect, and to act as a shock absorber for muscles. In its healthy state it is elastic, moist and mobile, providing an area for muscle attachment and allowing free movement of the muscles. When affected by physical or emotional trauma, ongoing poor posture, or repetitive strain, it hardens, thickens and tightens. Furthermore, because of its connective nature, when one part is damaged, it can affect structures far from the original injury site.

MFR is a hands-on technique designed, through gentle, sustained pressure, to loosen fibres, restore elasticity, and rehydrate the tissues. It helps ease the deep, dull, burning pain associated with restrictions and adhesions in the fascia and relieve undiagnosed pain, stiffness and general tightness in the body.